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As an author, presenting your work to the world is daunting. Countless hours spent to polish your fantastic novel involving wondrous worlds, heart-wrenching romances, and the adventure of a lifetime, and yet, there's still more on the to-do list before that novel can grace the book shelves. Don't worry! Because finding a cover shouldn't be one of them.

It's our priority to design an enchanting fantasy cover or a cover that whispers a sweet late night romance. Whatever the story, down here in the den, you'll find that perfect cover to match.

Meet your designer.

The wonderful and creative mind behind Vixurious Designs is happy to meet you! 

If you wish to directly contact her, you may do so through our email: info@vixuriousdesigns.com.


Cover Designer

Hi! I'm Christie. I started cover designing in late June 2020, and soon after I realized a passion for designing and bringing novels to life through a cover alone.

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ebook and print cover designs

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