Frequently Asked Questions

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Table of Contents

General Information



1. How many custom covers or premades can I request at once?


You may only order one custom eBook and Paperback cover. However, for premades, you may order up to two at once. 


2. I see that you offer boxset covers, but it’s not available via the site? 


At this time, boxset covers are a subscription plan exclusive. In the future, they may become available on the website, but this is a perk for subscription plans only. 


3. Does the stock images and/or source file(s) come with it custom covers and premades? How will I receive it?


You will receive these in a .zip file with your order and any additional add-ons that came with your order. Source files are always in a .psd format. Please keep that in mind. 


4. Am I able to choose the eBook or paperback mock-up provided?


Yes. In the final stages, I will message you with a selection of potential book mock-ups we think suits your order the best. 


5. For social media cover art/promotional designs, how many may I choose and what social media platforms do you design for?


Your custom cover package indicates how many you can choose from. If you have a Vixen Subscription Plan, you’ll have free add-ons to that total. Cover art/promotional designs are for the following: Twitter, Facebook Personal/Groups, and Instagram. Other social media outlets will be available at a later date. 



1. What is your design process for custom eBook and Paperback covers? 


The design process has three parts: requested details (form), consultation and commission. 


2. What is Consultation? 


Consultation phase is the pre-design phase that used to elaborate and draft a concrete idea to use for the first draft. This phase is important! The more information provided, the better and easier the design for your cover will be. 


Through email, you’ll schedule a consultation appointment based on your plan’s included time (ex. 10 mins or 15 mins). This will occur through Google Chat, and we’ll continue any and all communications there. 


3. How long does it take receive my order? 




The overall time for your order completion is one-three weeks. Depending on the influx of orders, or the number of revisions, you may receive it earlier than one week, or slightly later than three weeks, but this a general measurement. For subscription plan clients, please click here





Premade covers have a slightly different process and delivery time than custom eBook or paperback covers. 


1. What is the design process for premade covers?


The process is simple. Once you submit your order form, the designer will send you an email with the premade form. You will only provide the information on the form and that will be adjusted for the premade. 


2. Are premades customizable?

Without a subscription plan, premades not customizable. 


            1a. Is it the same for subscription plan clients? 

No. Please refer here for more information. 

2. How will it take for me to receive my premade order?


It will take two-seven days to receive your order.