In August 2020, Vixurious Designs started out as a passion project on well-known writers' website, Wattpad. This passion project specialized in book covers to build up the designer's portfolio, but eventually grew into much more.


Now, after almost an entire year, Vixurious Designs aims to continue providing professional and high quality covers while also expanding to providing services to authors beyond Wattpad. 

For Book Covers and Boxset Covers, you'll find the latest here. If you are interested in boxset designs, please click here to take a look at the Boxset Portfolio through the link provided or by using the website menu bar under 'Portfolio'.

Beneath the Cherry Blossoms.png
Hestia's Wish.png
Wolf Slayer.png
Eighteen O' Five.png
Long is the Night.png
Prisoners of Love.png
Last Date.png
Of Illusion and Fallacy.png
Her Darkness, His Star.png
Ashes of Kurukshetra.png
A Pretence of Love.png
Engulfed by Aries.png
Grass Stains.png
Loving the Bodyguard.png
A Celestial Redemption __ NEW.png
A Celestial Atonement __ NEW.png
Imprisoned by Scorpio.png
Ruled by Leo.png
In the House of Grimalkins.png
Divided by Pisces.png
Bewitched by Virgo.png
Drowned by Aquarius .png
A Celestial Acceptance __ NEW.png
Helena and the Horrid.png
Dance of the Dragons __ NEW.png
Bound by Taurus.png
Abandoned by Cancer.png
Struck by Saggitarius .png
Bête Sans Beauté Cover.png
Assassinated by Gemini.png
The Sins of the Serpent__ NEW.png
Educated by Capricorn.png
Broken Bonds __ NEW.png
Judged by Libra .png
Eternal Promise.png
Ceosal Kingdom Tales __ NEW.png
Enraptured by Ophiuchus.png


The Secrets of Tarot Boxset Cover.png
Boxset Two Cover.png
Eclipsed Deities Boxset Cover One.png
Eclipsed Deities Boxset Cover Two.png

Check out Vixurious Designs' boxset portfolio by clicking HERE.